InsurPro allows you to store

Product type

Carrier Information

Product Details

Issue Age

Policy Number

Submission Date

Policy Status

Death Benefit


Additional Features

Add Multiple Carriers

Adding insurance carriers is a breeze. In a few steps you can input information on the various insurance companies you work with.

Create Birthday & Anniversary Reminders

From within the contact record, use the calendar to enter the date of your client’s birthday and/or anniversary. You can even have the birthdays & anniversaries show up in the calendar!


Manage Multiple Products

InsurPro is a scalable solution that you won’t outgrow. As you increase the number of products you carry, simply add new product information with just a few clicks.

Policy Review Dates

Every time you log in, InsurPro displays a list of policies with a Review date, issue date, policy number and policy type. You can view a list of scheduled policy review dates for any date that you put on the calendar.

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